973-540-1537 8 Cleveland Ave., Morris Plains, NJ 07950

The Morris Plains Cooperative Play School is committed to cultivating the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of each child through developmentally-appropriate education. Our school’s child-centered philosophy is based on a flexible approach to early education, a positive approach to discipline, a commitment to parent education, and the belief that children learn best through play.

At Morris Plains Co-op, we encourage cooperation among our members and we are committed to developing a can-do attitude in children that will translate to all aspects of their lives. We foster a growth mindset by reinforcing the “Power of Yet.” It is not that a child cannot do something, only that he or she cannot do it “yet.” This belief empowers our learners to become intrinsically motivated, allowing them to achieve their goals.

The programs we offer are listed to the right. Please click on a specific program to learn more about it.

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