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Now Enrolling for the 2024 - 2025 School Year!

Thank you for your interest in the The Co-op. Enrollment is open for the 2024 – 2025 school year. We have a very limited number of openings and encourage you to register soon!

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a private tour.

We invite you to experience our school for yourself and discover why so many people say that The Co-op is a wonderful place for children!

Please mail completed application & registration fee to:

Morris Plains Co-op Play School
8 Cleveland Ave.
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Phone: 973-540-1537
Email: info@morrisplainsco-op.org

“My daughter loved being part of the co-op afternoon class. It allowed us to have relaxing mornings together before pre-school. I also have a toddler, so it worked perfectly for me to drop her off, get my little one down to nap, and I got some time to myself to get things done around the house. In honesty, it worked out better for our family than I could have imagined. We have very fond memories of the co-op and look forward to our little one starting soon.”

Vanessa D.


“The afternoon class at Co-op has been great for our family. We recently switched from mornings to afternoons and I honestly wish I did it sooner. My little guy needs some more time to get moving in the morning and the curriculum with a mix of ages (3-5) has been ideal. As a little brother, he has learned a lot from watching his older sibling so being around 4 and 5 year olds has been excellent for his development. The later start time has been easy to manage for us as we have morning childcare. It was sometimes a struggle to get both kids out the door in the morning and I can only beg him to get dressed so many times a week so I appreciate the more relaxed morning routine! Afternoon crazies also tend to set in after lunch, so we are happy he has activities for that part of the day. Pick up isn’t much after the elementary school so we can manage getting to both schools relatively easy. The smaller class size is certainly a great bonus as well! Highly recommend!”

Jaime P.


“Our family has attended two of the afternoon sessions during our time at the Co-op, and while it wasn’t our preference, my schedule was flexible and both of my daughters loved their teachers, classes and learning experience here. The Co-op quickly becomes an extension of family; the positive and loving environment, engaging teachers and aides, intimate class size and playful learning were truly beneficial and a blessing in my children’s start in education. If deciding between the Co-op afternoon session and another pre-school that has a morning option, I would hands-down choose the Co-op afternoon session every time!”

Jerilyn R


“My son was placed in Ms. Melissa’s afternoon class, and at first I was unsure about the timing as I was used to morning classes. We quickly established a routine and found that the afternoon class worked out perfectly for us. Being that it was our last year before entering Kindergarten, this was the last time we could relax and use our mornings how we saw fit. I found we didn’t have to rush and have a chaotic morning, and instead looked forward to attending school. By the time lunch hit, my son was excited about leaving home and going to the Co-op. That year was one of the best we have had at the Co-op due to the afternoon class!” 

Donna Z.

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