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Why do we fundraise?

As a nonprofit organization, The Co-op relies on the generous support of our families. Every dollar earned is added to our fundraising account, which means it not only supports The Co-op, but also is directly invested in products or programs that impact our children. Fundraising allows us to continue to provide a top tiered educational foundation for all of our students, as well as to the young children of the community who will join us in the future.

Every time you shop Amazon through our
Associate link, a portion of your purchase
goes directly back to The Co-op. 
Every time you shop through our Shutterfly
storefront, 13% of your purchase goes directly
back to The Co-op. 
Purchase a KidStuff coupon book and 50%
of our total sales goes directly back to The
Label all of your child’s belongings with these
personalized stickers and a portion of your
purchase goes directly to The Co-op. 

In the past, Fundraising money has been used to purchase new toys and learning activities, playground equipment, play vehicles, flooring and most recently, several backyard shade structures. 

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