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Here’s what a typical day looks like at The Co-op*:

Class Arrival – Drop off of children will occur on the street outside of the school building. After having their temperature taken, children will arrive to their classroom and settle in.

Daily Classroom Meetings – Children greet one another and the adults, sing a welcome song, discuss attendance and the question of the day. The teacher asks the class to share news and conducts an activity, or discussion, related to the current topic of study.

Choice Time – Children choose to take part in a variety of interest areas available within the classroom: art, blocks, dramatic play, toys & games, library, discovery, music & movement, or technology. Participation in these areas promotes development and learning in social-emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science & technology, social studies and the arts.

Clean-up – Children work together with the adults to help clean up and organize the classroom after the table activity and free play time has concluded.

Music/Movement and Read-Aloud – We read and share a variety of stories related to the class’s current topic of study. Reading aloud inspires a love for reading and promotes language and literacy skills. This fun time also includes active & quiet songs, instruments, movement & dance activities and guest musicians.

Snack – Children should bring their own water bottle (labeled with their name) and nut-free snack to school each day. During snack, children practice hand washing, table manners, and appropriate social interactions.

Active Play – Each day the children enjoy active playtime which enriches and supports their development and learning. Children utilize either our spacious backyard or our large indoor play area. With several big climbers for building muscle strength, spinner bowls for vestibular stimulation and balance training, an over-sized sandbox, a winding bike path, and riding toys aplenty, there is something for everyone! We use our playground year-round; however, in the event of inclement weather the lower level of our school is perfect for play and movement. Equipment such as tumbling mats, climbers, scooters, large blocks, and Fort Magic are available in this large space. Indoor obstacle courses, parachute play, and building activities keep the children moving and engaged.

* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are following the current requirements and guidance from the Office of Licensing, New Jersey Department of Children and Families. Many of the activities listed have been changed or adjusted to ensure the safety of the children and our staff. 

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