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Here’s what a typical day looks like at the Co-op: 

Co-oping Adult/Aide Arrival – Co-oping adults and aides who are assisting teachers arrive before classes start and help teachers prepare for the school day. 

Class Arrival – Children arrive with parents and settle in. 

Meeting Time – Children, teacher, co-oping adults, and aides gather together on the rug for a group activity. This includes greeting one another, calendar and weather activities, discussion on various topics, and setting a plan for the day. This group time allows children to practice sitting quietly and taking turns in speaking. 

Learning Activities/Free Play – Children work on planned activities and/or projects, or they can take part in free play. The activities aim to develop physical skills through various manipulative materials and cognitive growth through hands-on exploration, while free play allows for social and emotional growth. Children direct themselves based on their interests during this block.

Clean-up Time – Children work together with the adults to help clean up and organize the classroom after the table activity and free play time has concluded.

Story Time/Language Development – Children gather on the rug for a story. Reading books helps develop a child’s imagination and helps him or her discover new ideas. It also encourages good listening and comprehension skills, and passively builds vocabulary. 

Snack Time – A light snack is provided for children. During this time, children practice hand washing, table manners, and appropriate social interactions. 

Music & Movement – Music helps children learn sounds, meanings of words, and how to work as a group while singing together. In addition, they learn to work cooperatively while participating in movement activities and playing musical instruments. 

Outside Activities – The Co-op’s spacious playground provides the perfect setting for children to socialize while developing their gross motor skills. With several big climbers for building muscle strength, spinner bowls for vestibular stimulation and balance training, an oversized sandbox, a winding bike path, and riding toys aplenty, there is something for everyone! We use our playground year-round; however, in the event of inclement weather the lower level of our school is perfect for play and movement. Equipment such as tumbling mats, climbers, scooters, large blocks, and Fort Magic are available in this large space. Indoor obstacle courses, parachute play, and building activities keep the children moving and engaged.

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